Marsis Playout

Automation & Playout Software

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Marsis CG

Real Time Graphics & CG Software

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Marsis Ingest

IP-SDI Capture Software

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Marsis MAM

Web Based Media Asset Management

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Playout & CG Web Access

Marsis Playout can be controlled from web playout and web CG clients. No need to install any software to access video servers. Unique Marsis Technology allows customers to access Playout & CG server without complicated network  settings. Playout Centers can rent Single 8 Channel Server to multiple customers with Marsis Management Panel. Customization on the login page for all Client based solutions are available.

TV Automation

Marsis Playout is designed to meet today s challenges such as simultaneous SDI and IP Playout. Direct streaming to Adobe Flash Media Server with full automation and scheduling capabilities. Integrated CG allows you create graphics rich screen layouts. Wide file support including AVC-Intra, MXF, GXF and LXF makes Marsis Playout great solution for Master Control Playout, Studio Playout, Secondary Channels and Disaster Recovery projects.

Channel Branding

Marsis CG is server - client multi-layer and multi object character generator. Easy and intuitive user interface, fast player engine: Marsis CG can deliver graphics with pushing a button instantly. Built in template Designer allows you to create CG templates rapidly both for online and offline. Integrated control from Marsis Playout Automates CG events even its running on separate hardware. CG scheduler offers unattended graphics playback.

Media Asset Management

Marsis MAM is new generation Asset Management solution. Web based MAM can be accessed pretty much any device without installing any client software. Its unique and future proof architecture based on HTML5 allows you to search, manage, trim. transcode and more. You can even go frame by frame over the web browser. Custom Metadata entry, user & group permissions are supported based on project or single asset.

IP, NDI & Video Ingest

Marsis Ingest offers multi-channel and multi preset recording in single user interface. Depending on the format it can record up to 4-6 channels in single box. Specially designed user interface allows operators to monitor and control all at once or individually. Built in QC Player and IP Player makes Marsis Ingest perfect tool for media recording application. Embedded streaming engine, video router control and file conversion are standard in Marsis Ingest.


Marsis Streamer is multi-channel and multi profile streaming / encoding solution. Easy and compact user interface with multi profile streaming support Marsis Streamer is the cost effective and robust software. Supported protocols are NDI, udp, rtmp, rtp, and http with multi bitrate streaming. It can be also used on Marsis Playout for adding extra streaming destination such as web streaming  and IP multiviewer input at the same time.

Marsis Server & Storage 

Avmeda provides server & storage systems for Video and Multimedia content. Specially designed Video Storage systems have redundant power supply and high level Raid protection without compromising quality and bandwidth. Avmeda Marsis Storage Systems comes with spare hard drives for instant replacement. Shared storage can be accessible from NLE, Ingest and Playout stations.


Custom Development

Avmeda offers custom software development service. That includes developing from scratch or modifying existing Avmeda solutions to perfectly fit your application. Our dedicated development team can meet the deadline without any compromise on the product. OEM solutions are also available and customization or requesting custom features on Marsis Product range is offered service.


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